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Steam Store page 2021
Godot 3 video game published on Steam. Bullet Hell space invaders like game

Home Rebuild

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Stucco Gone
Excavated Dirt Rotting House
Fixed Dangerous Wiring
New Sheathing
Recycled Door Insulation
Roof Leak Mold Fix
Installing Solar (17 panels)
2020-present. Developed permits & worked with city, built garage, added sheathing+exterior insulation, installed multiple new doors and windows, replaced siding, excavated+walled yard, fixed dangerous wiring, installed solar (contracted out electrical integration), full smart home upgrade, insulated+sealed+ventilated attic. All work done solo. Still have to finish 2 sides of house

Godot Action Binding

Github Repo 2020
Action Rebinding
UI component for Godot 3 that makes it simple to rebind user input actions.


Github Repo Website 2018
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Research Selector
Environmental Impacts
Nutrition Comparer
Media Selector
Website that aggregates data, research, and other information about the Whole Food, Plant-Based (WFPB) diet. ES6, React, Redux, Victory.js front-end with data from FDA nutrition API (processed in Python).

WFPB.fit Backend

Github Repo Website 2018
Payment UI
Payment processing backend for wfpb.fit. Made with Express.js, Stripe, and published on AWS Lambda via aws-serverless-express. This server processes submitted forms from the client site when someone makes a donation.

SWAPI in Rails (Brave Interview)

Github Repo Website 2018
SWAPI interface
Take-home project completed for an interview at Brave Browser. A Rails 5.2, Webpacker, and React website that fetches data from the SWAPI API and caches it in PostgreSQL.

Godot Lightning

Github Repo Godot 2017
Lightning effect using procedurally generated 2D lines with randomized L-system generation.

Godot Guns

Github Repo Godot 2017
Scaffolding to bootstrap guns and bullets in Godot 3.

Texture Progress of Subunits

Github Repo Godot 2017
UI component for Godot 3 that allows creation of Progress Bars made out of individual subunits.

Phaser UI

Github Repo Website 2017
Phaser UI
UI components for the Phaser.io Javascript game engine.

Assembler 2D

Github Repo 2017
Godot 3.0 plugin for snapping 2D shapes together


Github Repo Tutorial Google Play 2017
2D Phaser.io (JS) game published to Google Play with Cordova.js


Github Repo Google Play 2017
SHMUP 2D game without using ANY game engine. Just good ol' Android/Java


Github Repo Website 2017
BTTF Homepage
Homepage of Nicole Huston, ultra-runner. This blog follows Nicole's journeys in her ultra-running career. Developed by James Lowrey, it's a static website made with Middleman


Github Repo 2016
RePAWster is a Reddit bot utilizing PRAW that reposts top rated pictures of dogs from active dog subreddits


Github Repo Website 2016
Blog Homepage
This website, my personal blog+portfolio. Developed with Middleman.

Fun Groups!

Github Repo Google Play 2015
A studying tool for Organic Chemistry functional groups


Github Repo 2015
Volunteer project creating a website for local theatre group to display upcoming plays. Utilized Rails 4

Crash Boom Bop

Github Repo Google Play 2014
Native Android game using Accelerometer to sense motions and reward points proportional to user's reaction time.