JRL About


I'm a full-stack web engineer that studied Machine Learning at Georgia Tech and has published multiple video games. Here's my resume as of Dec 1, 2021

Since 12/2021 I have been an L4 SWE at Google under the Google Cloud Marketplace org working on Search and Discoverability.

From 2019-12/2021 I worked at the Port of Seattle where I was the lead dev for an internal project/contract management website built in Angular and Entity Framework (C#). I also consulted on an ML project monitoring airplane APU idling emissions using spectrogram analysis.

From 2016-2017 I worked at Epic Systems where I did JS/Jquery, prototyped a VB->C# backend migration, and updated Mumps DB code.

I graduated Georgia Tech with an MS in CS and a specialization in Machine Learning in 2019. Before that, I majored in CS Eng. at Ohio State University with a minor in Bio and Premed, graduating in 2015.

During undergrad I interned at Baker Hughes and NetApp, while also TAing an algorithms course and contributing to medical research on liver cancer.

Drop me a line at jarlowrey@gmail.com if you want to reach me.